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maroon5 dvd. kst concert

fucking ah. maroon5 finally is coming out with a dvd! in aug! yeah, ppl, that's right. in aug. so you know what to get me for my birthday bwhahahahahahah oh damn. hot damn. finally.


oh yeah, so kst was good =) as always. blah blah blah hahah i'm so tired. and already buzzing before the concert started. not good. i would blame it on brian but techinically it's not his fault this time. weird enough, eric was the one that got us the shots. wtf?! realized today that ben is good looking. damn i love blake every moment i see him. he's such a big teddy bear. and always seem sooo happy to see you. matty was just being weird =P and nearly cut off megan's circulation if she didnt delete this blackmail material picture she took of him hahah that was pretty funny. got a few cute pictures and one really good one with everyone =) minus the kst guys haha. but still cute. i think that's going up my friendster hahah ok that's lame lol

but anyways, it was fun.
and whooo, i'm telling ya, limited two *fruity* drinks per concert please.
thank you.
haha i'm so weak.

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