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alert! marc broussard look alike!

so today i took the bus i normally do not take... because i needed to meet up with my parents. i mean yeah i can go home with this bus but too many ppl take it and it's slower than the other one. but anyways i walked onto the bus and instantly he caught my eye. a marc broussard look alike. he looked just like broussard if broussard looked younger, was taller, shaved a little more, wore a suit and had dirty blond hair. yeah. that good. LOL his hair was the same as broussard, but as i mentioned it wasnt brunette, it was dirty blond. he also was sporting the goaty except that he doesnt have sideburns unlike broussard. and HOT DAMN, he was such a eye candy.

so once i noticed him, i kept looking back because well... he hella looks like him! and i think he noticed because i caught his eyes a few times... uh... hi... lol anyways, so i walked over to him and stood in front of him to get a closer look while i'm texting both joy and jos about this hahaha and i cant stop looking at him! he's a really good looking version of broussard LOL and afterwards, i managed to sit right next to him. ;P (damn i'm a slut LOL) and while i sat there next to this dude, "it's a lonely night in georgia" kept repeating in my head LOL there were a few times where i wanted to ask him, "do you have a brother named marc?" like just out of the blue. just turn my goddamn head to my side and ask him that. but i chickened out =X

and then i told myself, ok, if he gets off the same stop as you, go talk to him. because you know what are the odds of that?!?!?! and when my stop came up, he stood up and i almost laughed out loud. NO FUCKING WAY. haha but he walked so fast that i couldnt go up to him in time to say "hellllloooo marc look alike, how YOU doing?"

well maybe now i should start taking this bus home.
ah ha, whatever

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