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mirror of erised

so my sister made me borrow "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" and "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets." i'm gonna wait for all of the dvd's to come out as a pack (cheaper) before i buy it. right now, we're watching "the Sorcerer's Stone," and if you've seen it, you might recall a mirror in that movie that harry came across: the Mirror of Erised. Basically, if you havent seen the movie, the mirror shows you want you really want in life. Dumbledore explained it as if the happiest man in the world was to stand in front of the mirror, he would only see himself. Harry Potter saw his parents because, if you didnt already know, they died when he was very young.

well anyways, i just wondered that if i was to stand right in front of that mirror, what would i see? i asked my sister what she would see and she said that she doent know because you might THINK that is what makes you the happiest, but who knows? deep down, your heart might actually want something else... that makes you happier. the happiest.

what do you think you would see?

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