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vegas was fun. dispite the heat was sky high... it actually didnt bother me as much as i thought it would. i had fun =) i hope everyone else had fun too. and yeah, did i mention? whatever happened in vegas, stays in vegas? bwhahaha jk. it's not like i did anything that i cant tell 0=) i'm an angel bwhaha

so the ride there was decently good, the ride back was good in the beginning... had a very interesting conversation with carlos. =) took pics of everyone sleeping, or trying to sleep. lol sorry if i was bothering you guys! bwhha and even got one of patrick who sat in the front when i sat in the back... waaaayyy back hehe but near the end of the trip, going home, i guess maybe i was tired and i couldnt find my comfortable spot, and lack of sleep. it sucked. no good. but it's ok.

the room was nice. we stayed at the venetian and managed to get our rooms next to each other with the door in the middle. so it's basically one big room since more than half the time that door was open.

did some gambling, drinking, went clubbing. over all a nice trip. worth the lack of sleep. =)

now in about a day, i'm doing another one of those trips. but this time it's involves concert hopping to city to city... and not only are there driving involved but flying also. damn i'm going broke! ahhh! lol

anyways, i guess i should eat while i upload some pics. =)

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