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so, i'm down to the last day for my M5 trip. i'm at heather's house right now and i hate her keyboard! =) <3 lol we just made shirts for tomorrow because we feel teeny =P i'll put some pics of those shirts up when we take pics of ourselves tomorrow. hehe

but anyways, so far, maroon5 has been putting on a good show... like always. i'm so glad to see ryan... even tho he's not playing... at least i get to see him do 'highway to hell' =) which is always nice. for the whole detailed review, you can check out joslyn's lj... her nickname is just "joslyn"... it's two in the morning and i'm too lazy to link haha

but anyways, i did however managed to upload this one pic i took during today's concert. it's the best. i laughed at it for hours. i'm not home so i didnt upload it onto anything... but friendster haha so hope this works...

haha i had to add in that line in the bottom LOL

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