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i'm back

so the trip was as usual good. except for the sun. i really hate the sun. i think i got tanned... or something... at least i didnt get burnt. to be quite honest, i am feeling extremely lazy right now... i dont feel like doing a review haha just that we left before mayer most of the time... one time to go to walmart haha that was funny. it was good to hang out with the girls again. but i think i'm getting old and for now, i am done with long extended trips for maroon5. (i'll still go to shows tho, just not ones that involve a lot of traveling, lack of sleep and money) you know, like ones where it's back to back for a week or something. i'm gonna retire after this year. yep. i gotta move on, get married and have kids haha. it's bound to happen one day. but that doesnt mean the girls and i are gonan stop hanging out right?!?! lol =P

well i would mention that i did two things that i've never done before on this trip:

1. order pizza to be delivered in the middle of nowhere.
--we got hungry and didnt wanna leave the line... so we ordered pizza and have it delivered to literally... nowhere... the ampitheater. lol dominos rocks! pizza hut sucks!
2. registered for classes while walking backstage to meet maroon5.
--my registration time was the exact same time i'm meeting maroon5. so i picked up the phone and started to register for classes while i walk to meet m5 backstage. thank god i finished in time. go me! lol

i'll upload some pics when i have time.

and i'm going nuts with these dreams of mine. it's like a love and hate relationship. it's kinda driving me nuts but i like them. lol what kind of sick twisted person am i? lol

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