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oh yeah

during my maroon5 concert going trip... i decided on three things i wanted to do. it's like having a new year resolution... except... it's in the middle of the year... one of them... i'm still a little fuzzy on... but i'm definitly doing the others.

1. go to hawaii next year with my friends.
-- i'm definitly doing it. i'm just not sure who, when and where. just somewhere in hawaii, sometime next year... and with der. (so far she's the only one i asked and said yes too lol) but i'm thinking a bunch of scuba diving, water skiing... kinda deal. ;D just a lot of things i didnt do and cannot do in sf. it'll be fun. you know? hawaiian guys. surfers. mmmm shirtless hawaiian surfers. LOL and a little bit of the usual... clubbing... shopping... bwhahaha and maybe a little bit of drinking... whee. party! so scuba diving/bonding with nature in the day, and partying at night. sounds like a vacation to me. :D

2. get a tattoo.
-- this i'm still a little iffy about. i think jos's cute stars tattoo have a lot to do with me wanting to get one. lol just everytime i see it on her ankle, it's so cute. i want one lol what i'll get? i have no clue... right now i'm still deciding on whether to get one or not... i'll start there lol

Should i get a tattoo?

HECK yeah! go for it!
uh.. what are you thinking?! no!

and three... yeah... i dont remember it LOL i just remember telling myself these are three things i wanna do in my life by the end of next year... but i cannot remember the third one. goddamnit. i guess as i told der, it's just not that important if i forgot it right haha.

OH guess what tho? today i talked to my cousin, who's getting married, and she's having dancing at her wedding! yay! :D fun. ok that was pretty random. =)

EDITED: i remember what the third thing is! go to waterworld hahaha no wonder i dont remember it! because two of the four venues i went to on this trip was right next to a waterworld. and yeah... waiting in the sun... with the waterworld right in my view... makes me wanna go to one too =P so who's up for that? lol

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