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dirty dancing 2

whee. that was not a bad movie at all. i think i especially liked it because of the dancing. WHOO, i wanna dance like that. it's HOT. lol yeah, ok, i'm gonna go join some latin dance class now (tango?)... then use the talent at the club. bwhahaha. ok that was lame hahahah but it was extremely sexy. like sex. but in public. and... fully clothed. it's basically like freaking but... better... and... sexier. ;D

der said that part one was good. guess what i'm renting soon? bwhahah i'm so getting this dvd. LOL and if i liked the first one... that also :D gotta learn from them =P

new layout. whee.
i love dancing. kekeke.
best viewed on a resolution of 1024 x 768 =)
everything else...
just looks a little...
weird. =\

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