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uh yeah. WHEEE! *giggles*

i'm so easily pleased. :D

so anyways, kst was good. goddamn, i forgot how good looking matty is. damn that boy. *fans herself* but it's really good to see everyone again and chill. with joy, amy, megan, dianne, eric, brian, the guys, and etc. it's nice. and watching an old man dance to kst is good too bwhahah. i love these guys. on the way home, we saw matty putting on his jacket and getting ready to get in his car, so brian honked at him and we rolled down the window and i said, "HEY SEXY< need a ride?" and he looked at me and laughed... and then mentioned how he thought it was some jerk who honked at him for being on the road and he was gonna like kick the car and stuff... WHILE HE PRETENDS TO KICK THE CAR hahah i dunno if brian liked it that much LOL i heard matty tapped brian's car a few times. but it's all good.

ah. ;D
... i'm so bad.... =X

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