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rock. paper. scissors

for carlos. written in this format for anthony.
and for der, because she was involved with it today

about rock, paper and scissors:
translated literally
"i will out paper. you think clearly out what. you must think i is not is out paper, or i lying you. then i might not out paper, i might out something else. but i said i will out paper. you think clearly more. because i might out paper, then you would not would trust me? i give you 20 second go think." and some more stuff that carlos just like repeating, to confuse heather... which happened. heather lost the rock, paper and scissors game for that round. but it's all good

just like to put that up because carlos did that to me once, i think i lost? oh those were the days hahaha i'm not sure what reminded him, but during k, carlos was laughing about what we did in our "focus on disney" class. it was one of those one unit classes that you had to go twice in the whole semester. it's basically for two whole days. we just sat there and watched disney cartoons/classics and afterwards, the teacher would read analysed stuff about the cartoon off a paper... and carlos and i would take turns sleeping and taking notes: whoever is not sleeping, would take notes. and it was funny. in the end, it was an open notes in-class essay. and that essay determines the whole passing or failing. yes. ONE in-class essay. carlos and i shared notes LOL we both passed, of course

we should do it again. freshmen year was fun.


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