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so what's done is done
and yeah.
out with the old
and in with the new =)

so i saw two movies recently: harold and kaumar go to white castle and the village. i guess because i expected nothing from H&K and expected a lot from the village... that i got surprised by both movies. i would recommend H&K beacuse it's actually not another dumb "dude where's my car" or "scary movie" kinda movie. it's worth your money. i tried to recommend t to go watch it but he rejected it immediately. he was like "do you know what white castle is? it's a fast food restaurant. it's like making a movie up called "t and elle go to mcdonalds"' LOL yeah he's right, but it's really worth it. i'm thinking about getting the dvd.

the village... ah... that on the other hand was a huge ass disappointment. the trailer made it seem like it'll be some scary movie... some horror film... but it's not. i think that's why a lot of ppl, including myself, was disappointed. i mean yeah the idea was pretty brillant and all... but if they protrayed the trailer a little different... they might've gotten a better reaction from most ppl lol. dont watch the village unless you're not expecting much.

but then again, what do i know about movies? i'm still waiting for my dirty dancing 2 dvd to come in the mail when it had bad reviews at dvd station. lol

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