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i took this off salina's lj because i havent done these in a while and i've always love doing them. (yes i know i am weird.)

[my name is]: Elle
[in the morning i am]: cranky and asocial
[all i need is]: love (moulin rouge hehe)
[love is]: a strong and deep affection?
[if i could see one person right now]: i just wanna tell salina that "heh" is not an answer hahaha my answer is probably jonathan. altho jesse is a very tempting answer hahahahahahah whaaa?
[im afraid of]: my imagination, the dark.
[i dream about]: things better left unsaid haha

have you ever...
[been in love]: thought so
[drank alcohol]: uh, yes.
[lied]: lied? who would do such a thing?!?!

this or that...
[coke or pepsi]: none, i hate both lol
[flowers or candy]: candies are goodies =) they are more productive in my opinion hehe
[scruff or clean shaven]: i like clean shaven but scruff is ok depending on the person =P
[tall or short]: taller than me

with the opposite sex...
[what do u notice first?]: eyes O_O hahaha.. <-- HAHA!! i think it depends on what stands out the most. i guess i look at the outline... er.. is that an unfair answer? hehe like the overall presentation, i guess?
[last person u slow danced with]: whoa, uh... wow that's a while back hahahah i think it was gary? was it?!
[worst thing to say]: hmmm i think the worst thing to say to a guy is anything that crushes his ego. really.

[makes u laugh the most?]: a lot of ppl, i laugh at everything.
[makes you smile]: everyone that does nice or cute things
[gives u a funny feeling when u see them]: you knwo who =P
[has a crush on u?]: well there are so many ppl that i cant name them all har har =P
[is easier to talk to: boys or girls?]: depends on who and what. <-- ditto

Have you ever...
[sit on the internet all day waiting for someone special to I.M. u?]: sadly but yes... whoa flashbacks hehe
[cried because of someone saying something to u]: yeah. =T <- same
[fallen for ur best friend]: yes
[been rejected]: yep.
[rejected someone]: yes
[used someone]: depends on what you mean by "used." maybe little things like carrying my books or helping me out in things like hw, selling, etc. =P if you count those. but i dont remember using anyone for something bad?
[been cheated on]: not that i know of. and hope it's kept that way if i was lol
[done something u regret]: nothing big enough for me to remember

who was the last person...
[u talked to]: in person - my dad. on phone - kelly.
[hugged]: jonathan
[u instant messaged]: eddy
[u laughed with]: hiro

do you...
[color ur hair]: soemtimes, that reminds me, i need to color it
[ever get off the damn computer]: no, are you crazy?!
[habla espanol]: je ne parle pa espanol

have you/do you/are you...
[smoke]: nope
[obsessive]: depends on what, but yes lol
[could u live without the computer?]: only for two weeks LOL
[how many peeps are on ur buddylist?]: uhhhh 139
[what's your favorite food?]: japanese food. bread. cereal. salad
[whats ur favorite fruit?]: yellow watermelons are good, salina. i like all fruits ALL hehe
[drink alcohol?]: yep
[like watching sunrises or sunset]: sunsets. i cant wait up for sunrises hehe
[what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain?]: emotional

final questions...
[i want]: a vacation
[i wish]: this fricking file would play!! and i could sleep over...
[i love]: maroon5! hehe
[i miss]: youuuuu
[i fear]: that it could be true
[i hear]: virtual insanity by jamiroquai
[i wonder]: if my finacial aid will process before my priority fee deadline hehe
[how do u kno its love?]: when you dont need to ask that question and you just know
[i am]: me. fear me bwhahaha
Tags: time waster

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