hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go

friendster II

friendster is keeping me up. why the hell am i connected to so many "movie stars" and "famous ppl"? you name it, i'm connected to them. i am connected to justin, christina, britney, ashton, jennifer love hewett, kelly hu, kristin dunst, toby, jennifer from daredevil, beyonce, spice girls, etc. even chinese movie stars, leon, andy, jackie chan and chung, aaron!!! and fricking more. ahahah i would like to post this up, "andy lau" gave this testimonial to "leon", "Hey its about time you joined me and the other sky kings were wondering what took you so long. I guess we are united again. Hey are you free this weekend cause Jacky and Aaron wants to play Mahjong. Yo call me tomorrow for drinks my treat." of course, based on this testimonial, this is not the real andy. but then again, i never thought he was the real andy. but i was laughing my ass off when i saw that mj part hehe i'm even connected to prince william, bill clinton! LOL and God hahah wtf. some ppl just have a lot of time on their hands. because there are tons of ppl who are signed up under the same movie star. there's also stupid ppl who sign up as the characters name of a famous/popular movie like willie wonka, mini me, scooby doo, trinity, and where there's trinity, there's neo, austin powers, chewbacca, karen from will and grace LOL and more weird ass things and ppl. lol

the worst part of it all is that some of them have pictures that seemed like they are the real thing. but then again, it's not hard to find pictures like that. i'm starting to wonder if some of them are real hahahaha i'm going insane. i dont even remember how i came across them LOL and who connected me to them. a bit lost now lol oh wells

at least i know one thing, i am connected to maroon5. well at least three out of the five. how do i know they are real? well... let's just say that they are not big enough to have some loser wanting to pose them... and not big enough to worry if their email is posted on their official site hahah but they are getting big, their emails were taken off lol

jesse didnt add me =( i think jonathan was happy about that haha jk

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