hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
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Edited June 28th 1236 AM:

friendster. i am obsessed over it. but then again, i get obsessed easily bwhaha. anyways. it's soo addictive to me. i'm on it all the time. looking through ppl's friend's list after friend's list and it's always amuzing going through your hs friends' lists because you always end up finding someone you know! whoaaa. it's so fun hehehe. ADDED: and so i'm adding ppl and since i havent talked to them since hs, i didnt have most of their emails. couldnt add them. forgot their last names... so what did i do? i looked through the yearbook hahahahah

anyways the reason why i started to get obsessed about friendster is because my cousin's cousin found me on it! like whoa? we used to play with each other a lot as a group when we were really young. but as we got older, we lost touch. but like out of nowhere, he messaged me on that thing. i saw the name, i thought of him, but i denied it because i havent talked to him in forever. but it was him!! i was liek wtf?!?! ADD ME YO!! lol and then weird of all, i found my cousin on his friend's list hahahahah wtf. hahahah. friendster is weird.

goddamnit. why has it been so hot lately? i mean it's cooler outside than inside. for most ppl that have been in my room, you know that it's usually hotter than usual. well imagine the heat you are feeling now times 2. that's the temperature in my room. i hate it! we have two fans going on in here man. but i think after i showered, it feels a lot better... or maybe it's just cooler over all? how sad, i walk into my house and i realized that it's cooler outside than inside the house. and then i walked into my room and it gets even hotter. i think it's the computer =(

all in all, add me on friendster!! hehe

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