hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go

flat tire help

i think one of the best things to hear is when your bf thinks you're wearing make up, but you're not =)

i have the worse luck with cars. i'm never driving again.

today, as i got onto my car to go home, i realized that i had a flat tire. luckily (or maybe not?) it was already flat before i got into the car, so i was not far from help. altho weaver was already sleeping, i went back into his house and asked his mother for help. yep, i asked his mom. (good thing we arent really strangers anymore or it would be a bit weird for me to ask... but even if we were kinda strangers, i would've asked anyways.) and without hesitation, she went straight for the toolbox and followed me to my car. before you know it, weaver's whole family was helping me and even weaver woke up to help. lol i guess since i dunno the van very well and we couldnt seemed to find the tool kit for my car, they ended up going aroudn the house, asking each other if anyone had the right tools.

but soon enough, it was fixed. they came to a conclusion that the tires were really old and the air just sorta leaked out of the tires. a bit worried, weaver checked the other tires and noticed another tire about to give out also. he said that it's fine for me to drive home but his mother got worried and said she'll just drive behind me to my house... so if anything goes wrong, i wont be alone. so that's what we did

i gotta admit that weaver has some really nice family members, fun and funny also. thanks

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