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attractive points - smoking

Encounter at work:
two coworkers out of their zone.
"go back to your zone."
"YOU go back to your zone"
"who's the boss here??"
"you. i mean ME! ME!"
(they're both not the boss) lol

a few weeks ago, as i was waiting for the bus early in the mornin g to go to work *ugh* i started to cough, realizing that afterwards it was because of some cigerrette smell. ken, say it with me, "ewww" hehehe. and i looked around for that inconsiderate mofo that had to stand in the area where the wind is blowing from, so i cant avoid it much unless i find him/her.

took me a while for he was hiding behind the bus thingy... er.. you know... thingy. and looked at him, hoping he'll catch my glare... but he was actually not a bad looking person at all. in fact, i remember seeing him eariler when he walked towards the bus stop. of course i didnt notice him that much now that i'm happily taken heheh but he did catch my eye for a second.

but as i looked at in for that brief moment after i caught him smoking, i realized that he wasnt that nice looking anymore with that cigarette in his hand and the smell coming towards me...

that's so weird. i never thought that smoking would lower someone's look, altho i was told many times from ken that he thought so. i've liked dot, i've liked T... both whom seemed to die if they didnt smoke. both who smoked more than three cigarettes everytime i hang around them... and believe me, those hanging aroung times arent that long. but i've never mind them smoking.

i mean, i prefer if they didnt smoke, but i still nevertheless, liked them a lot. a lot. maybe it's because everytime i'm with them, when they smoke, i dont noticed the smell. they seemed to mastered a way around it so the ppl they are with wouldnt smell it as much... or maybe i was so distracted by them that i made myself immune to the smell heheh who knows.

all i know is that i get irritated realy easily when i have to wait for the bus early in the morning, in the cold, to go to work
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