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full moon - changing

so lately i've been working and if not i'm trying to catch up with weaver and some friends and videos especially. like a few days ago, walking up the hill of my block towards my house, and talking on the phone with weaver, i looked up and it was a clear night. not only was it a clear night but it was a full moon. and i instantly told weaver to look for the moon. it was beautiful and full.

then it reminded me of an episode that i saw in sex and the city, it was about changing men. it was where miranda (for the ppl that dunno, the short red head) was dating a bartender, steve. now steve was perfect in everyway, even in bed... but his schedule was the total opposite of hers. when he's working, she's off and vice versa. (hmm reminds me of a relationship i used to know) and steve would come over her apartment after work and she'll wait for him. but since he's a bartender, he gets off really late (of course) and she'll always end up sleeping.

and they would both sleep and cuddle... but once the alarm clock rings in the morning for miranda to go to work, he'll also wake up and wanna have sex. altho it got her late, she gave in anyways. so you see her complaining to her freinds about how she wanna have sex at night and not in the morning and etc etc. so she tried to get him to have sex with her at night, she tried to change him

so that night, she drank like three cups of coffee.. light candles around her house and dressed really sexy. and while he walked to her room, she said she'll get the wine. but as she got to her room, he was asleep and she was furious. she woke him up and said how she wanted to have sex at night and he sleepily said, "ok, we'll have sex." but she was so mad that she kicked him out of the apartment.

so like the next few nights, she didnt sleep at all and one night she got a phone call from steve and he asked her to look out the window. like any normal person, she looked down, hoping to see him but he told her to look up. it was a big blue full moon. and she looked at it, smiled and said, "come by when you're done, ok?" and that night they had sex and the next morning, they had sex.

the point of this was what carrie (the main character and narrator) said that, "so maybe you cant change a man, but once in a blue moon, you can change a woman."
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