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Encounter at work:
"are these digital cameras?" about the Net MD

dude what's up. for ppl that dunno, my mom recently got pissed off at cingular and canceled our plan with them and switched over to at&t. i will tell you the new number the next time i see you, and if i dont, ask me lol. but anyways a few mins ago, i was on the phone with kevin on my new number bwhahaha (same phone tho because i like it) and my mother walked in my room and started to ask me questions about her new phone totally ignoring the fact that i was on the phone. it got to a point that SHE got annoyed of me switching over to her and kevin that i had to hang up on him and call him back.

and when i thought i answered all her questions and did everything, i called kevin back and gave my mother back her phone. but apparenly not all the questions were answered and/or she couldnt hear anything i said because she asked me questions that i already answered. and kevin just sat on the other side of the phone, laughing. and i guess i was influenced and i laughed too. i swear to you that those things are contagious. well anyways my mom got pissed at me and said how i was being impatient to her. did i sound impatient, kevin? maybe she's mad because she thought i was laughing at her for asking stupid questions? who knows.

but seriously, what's up with parents and technology? they seemed to rely on their offsprings to fix them even tho these technology thing is like VERY easy to pick up. most technology things are ppl friendly and if you just play with it a few times, you'll get the hang of it. but anyways, it just sometimes feels like they refuse to learn about it because they have the second generation to fix it. something less to worry about? something less to have responsibility over? or are they really just getting too old to learn more stuff? too old and tired to learn it?

who knows really. they probably dont themselves lol but yeah, my mom isnt really that pissed apparently because she jsut came in again asking more questions lol i made sure that this time that i sound patient... because even tho sometimes you are, you can get misinterpeted.


like my manager. a long time ago while we were slow, she saw this customer and she took one look and said something really judgemental. and asked me if i agreed. and i said, "i dunno, i try not to judge ppl." and she got realy offended at me. i wasnt really trying to indirectly tell her that she judged someone even tho she did. and it's not like i hate her for doing it, it's just that i try not to do it. but she took it to heart apparenly...

because a few days ago, i had a guest calling in asking about a laptop and if we had it in stock. we did and he asked me to place it on hold. he told me how his wife is coming in with his card but her name is part of the account, but it's his card. and i told him it was fine, we'll just have to call in to verify if she's actually on it and he said, "ok." and hung up.

soon enough, his "wife" did walk in and the same manager told her that it's not possible for us to use the card if she doesnt have her id. and she claims that i told them it's ok. OK DUDE, maybe i didnt tell you it's not ok, but i sure ass hell didnt tell you it was. and my manager was very intimidating and told her that we wont even call in if she doesnt have an id.

and when the guest left all pissed off, my manager said that there's something definitly shaky about this woman and i totally agree because if it's a shared account, she would get a copy with her name... i know... i shared accounts. she shouldnt be holding a copy of her "husbands" card. but anyways, my manager started to talk to me how she knows i hate how she judges ppl but that's her job and blah blah. and that even tho she's being judgemental, i'm being judgemental about her. and i'm looking at her all weird.

and i told her i didnt think that she was judging that woman and she claimed that it's written on my face that i thought so. ?!?! and later on she's like "are you mad?" and i'm like "No, why would i be?" and i then mentioned how it's just weird how she thought i would like mind how she judged that woman because there is obviously something wrong with the whole picture. and i mentioned that i might've looked like it?? but i sure wasnt thinking of it. and probably that i looked that way because the guest was claiming how i told her it was ok to not bring an id. like wtf. but we were all right, the name that the husband put down was a name we saw on a list of card frauds. and my manager apologized for judging me, judging her lol

i think my manager is just very self concious or something.
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