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boys dont cry. smile

For my gender and communication class, everyone had to give a oral presentation of their project. someone did a project on transexuals and showed part of the movie "boys dont cry." after watching it, i realized how it looked interesting and told myself that i'll rent it one day. recently in the building that i work at, there's this new thing called "dvdstation," where you rent dvds for a dollar a day. so the longer you hold it, the more you pay. and when it's passed the days it's worth ($15 - 15 days) then you keep the dvd. you basically bought it. so i've been trying it out and i decided to rent "boys dont cry"

i remember how heather mentioned she saw it? and it's sad? omg it's so sad. what's wrong with those f-ing mofos. omg. wtf. the whole thing i was watching it in the end, i just kept going "wtf?!?!?!" i mean kjkjdflkjasdf ok. yeah. not a good show to watch near the end of your day. left me in a very sad mood how this actually had happen.. right? seems like it's based on a true story. maybe i'm wrong.... but yeah... it's a really sad movie

on another note, to cheer me up. i saw maroon5!! yay!!! i purposedly drove down to san jose just to see them. not alone of course, sabrina and weaver came along :D it was one of the best. not only where they headlining but it was fricking free!!! whooo can it get any better than that?! it was SoOoOo worth it. and you know what?! there were hella ppl there for them. when they left the stage, they were mobbed! like crazy~! but they did a whole signin g autograph thingy, so it's all good. just had to wait in line =\ but it's ok because THEY RECOGNIZED ME! "hey it's nice seeing you again" WHOoOoOoOa??!?!? yayayay!! and jesse!! omg. he's like, "this is special, i'll smile for you" and i said, "you saw my sig?!?" and he said "yeah" that's why i looked so happy in that pic... because he just told me it. and look at that smile. i'm satisfied now :D

the show was awasome. regret dearly for bringing so little rolls.
Tags: music

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