hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
hold me and don't let go

random #9083

Encounter at work:
"is there any non pixel tvs?"

whoaaa when you dotn go to school, you lose track of time. denys asked me how my weekend went today and i'm thinking, "wtf? the weekend just passed?" when you dont go to school, you just dont keep track lol i'm like "ohh yeaaah today is tues." and he's like, "it's only the first tues of your summer." and i'm like "whaa? i've been out longer than that" but i havent lol you see, denys remembers better than me because he still goes to school hehe but i remember, i was at school friday morning. (after going through my calendar) i remember it all now. i overslept and was an hour late for school. i mean, you cant blame me, it started at eight. but it's ok because that class was three hours long that morning. you know, finals day. and we didnt take any finals, we just had to hand in our papers and watch presentations. so i only missed an hour of presentations. hehehee i'm so bad.

and like since i work four days a week instead of five. it feels like i get a day off if not two it's every other day, which is wayyy cool. so i feel like i'm in the summer already. wait. i am! lol whoaaa it's soo cool. i'm so freee. except for work i guess lol

right now, i'm just sitting here waiting for it to be five. so i can leave and go meet up with weaver =) my brother just took about 15 mins trying to convince me to get him lunch. but it's soooo hot outside. no way am i going out there again until later on the day. hopefully by then, it'll be cooler. i think it will be. my god. thank god that it's cooler at home :D

i'm happy! i got a few things done today heheh i've been pulling off to do it for a while now. but i did it! yay! got some of my pictures back too whoo hoo! but mainly to send to a freind. so yeah. lol. maybe i'll show you one or two. that reminds me. i have a roll to finish. i have some pics of kevin's graduation and some pics of the babies heh they stopped by a few days ago. but my roll isnt done yet. SooOoOooo i should finish it today.

today is freaking hot!

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