hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
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back-up husband

Quote of the Day:
"those girls were checking me out.
must be my bald head.
oh wait, i'm wearing a beanie."

talking to weaver right now and somehow i brought up M, my fiancee. and how M and i said that if we cant find anyone to marry by the age of 55, we'll marry each other. weaver then tells me that he also had a similar experience with a coworker. now that i think of it, i think about three guys had told me that if no one wanted me, he'll marry me. man, what's this? some kind of pity thing for elle going on here hahaha but anyways i realized that probably everyone in their lives will indeed encounter this situation. if you havent experienced it yet, you will experience it later. why?

because everyone is worth marrying to another person. i mean for someone to be willing to marry you when no one wants you... does sound a bit... discouraging hehee but it means a lot on the positive side. i mean, it's marrying someone here... it's something for the rest of your lives. it's not a temporary thing. and even if this person was just saying it, i'm sure they thought about marrying you and realized that it would be good... because once they said it, you might actually take their word for it. or who knows... they might actually mean it. you are actually marriage material hehe

but it's nice tho
to know that someone would want you if you thought no one else does
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