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i somehow came across </a></b></a>razzlebean journal and her most recent entry was sorta "thanking" ppl. basically, she's a teacher and she said that when her students are saying mean things to each other, she'll tell them:

when people speak to you, they're taking time out of their day to devote to you and only you. positive or negative, they're giving you their time. so the best way to get back at someone who says something hurtful to you is to say "thank you. thank you for taking time out of your day to think of me. you were mean and negative, but you still thought of me. and because of that, i thank you.

so a manager of mine... well.. rumor has it that she's getting suspended.and 95% of the time you get suspended, you dont come back. and well, she's a bitch. and i highly doubt she'll be missed. but i kinda wanna get her a "thank you" card and basically say thank you to her. like...

thank you for putting me in hav (the most boring and hardest place to be and sell, TV's) three times in a row when it does not benefit the store what so ever
thank you for putting me on hold and never coming back when i call in to ask for my schedule
thank you for NOT telling me that you're busy and if i can call back
thank you for telling me "no" when i asked if i can get my schedule the second time i called back
thank you for doubting my $40,000 sale will never go through but in fact it did
thank you for holding a grudge at me about one thing i said a year ago
thank you for talking shit behind my back
thank you for making my good friend and coworker cry
thank you for scolding me for talking to my coworkers when in return you do the same thing
thank you for trying to take a picture of me talking to another coworker to get me in trouble
thank you for sending an email to our district manager when i made the same mistake twice in one week
thank you for giving that "inspirational" speech about "what we're doing wrong" instead of "what we can do better"
thank you for complaining to the store manager how i took a break when we're low on staff when YOU let me
thank you for NOT letting me take a break if i was to go to the back and use the internet.
thank you for asking me if my call to my bf at the time was personal or business when your bf and son call you all the godforsaken time

and i especially thank you for beign a bitch
and i thank you for getting yourself suspended.

ah. and i hope you burn in hell.
"and i used to be such a nice guy"

P.S. i just thought of a brillant idea... maybe i should just get a pretty big card and have everyone that dislike her write a thank you or two in it LOL

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