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it's funny how classical music keeps a narcoleptic fool like me awake while i'm driving at nights. and it's not like i listen to classical music in the day! it's just weird. it keeps me focus hahaha funny isnt it? i can practically sleep anywhere and anytime... when and where most ppl cant... whereas classcial music makes ppl sleep, it keeps me awake. but it only works when i'm driving. if i'm sitting in some music hall... listening to the same thing... i'll probably pass out.

anyways, i just wanna let you know that i'm psychic. last night i had a dream that i was at a m5 concert with moslz and joy's niece, whom i've never met but have seen pictures of. and today, after a while, mosl called me up about a private m5 concert. and when i called joy back about it, she said "hey, listen to this" and gave her phone to her niece. that's just some weird stuff. i'm psychic LoL

so i gave blood today and they keep giving me water and apple juice. i had four cups, two of each. made my stomach full from liquid. and the funniest thing about giving blood? you know the bandage they put on your arm to pressure the area where they took the blood... well ppl think it's some kind of fashion statement. i've actually gotten a few compliments on it hahaha cool. take a look. i'm starting a trend here. haha

but the most weirdest thing that i encountered today is this thing on amy's site. it's nothing nasty or scary or whatever. it's just.... WEIRD

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