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"...and this is all because of luck!"

a miracle happened today! you'll never believe it. i bumped into Luck on the bus. hahaha ok that's not the miracle. we talked a little and i asked him if he wanan go eat lunch with me in a few days and he said, "sure" HAHAHA that's the miracle! ever since i could remember, everytime i asked him to go out with me, 99% of the time he would say "no i have to study" hahahah i told him that now he graduated, he cant use that excuse anymore... and i guess he gave in and just said yes LOL i mean, it was bad. one time i asked him out to a movie, offered to buy him the movie tickets AND popcorn... and he still said no. lol now you see what a big deal it is =P

i guess we are serious about that once every half a year thing huh hahah he was joking how it'll just happen. no planning or anything, we'll jsut meet. every half a year hahah i was so surprised to see him, i took a pic of him LOL

much <3 for luck LOL

so today i went out with knarf. havent seen him in a while and decided to meet up and eat. it was good. we caught up and sat at the "secret hideout" we used to hang out a lot. it's like our place or something lol to be honest, it's nowhere that special, but on nice days, it's a nice place to be. it's not really hidden, but if you knew i was there and you tried to look for me, you'll never know lol of course... haha. but frank and i went through a lot and we were there for each other when we needed someone to be there. SH had a lot of memories and we talked a lot about our pains there... but now, the pain is nothing but the sand in the wind.

"Heartbreaks last as long as you want and cut as deep as you allow them to go. The challenge is not how to survive heartbreaks but to learn from them. "

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