hold me and don't let go (arnogseel) wrote,
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birthday present

so kevin called me today and asked what i wanted for my birthday. i mentioned a few dvds but i guess to him, that's not enough. he wants to spend more on me? LOL well anyways, i thought about it and ir eally dunno what i want. i just want you guys to be there, you know?

well john was smart tho. we went shopping together since i lost my dress. and i found one that i liked and verys imilar to the one i lost... and he paid for it as my birthday present hahahah so that worked out.

but i guess if you guys insisted, i want a few dvds hahaha \
-my sassy girl
-kill bill: vol 2
-ditto (korean)
-infernal affair 2

uh yeah. that's about it.

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