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nice guys finish last: part 2

remember a few entries back i showed an article about a guy complaining how girls always pick the assholes and i wrote a reply? well someone anonymously wrote a reply to my reply... which was pretty interesting indeed. if you wanna read it, it's all here. (btw, who is this anonymous person? show yourself! lol)

so i asked M to take a look because i wanted to know what M had to say about it... simply because he thinks differently than i do... and i always like to hear what M has to say. apparently he wrote so much that LJ wouldnt let him post a reply... so i have to post it on my lj. what can i say? the usual: just for da groove. well, here is M's reply to the anonymous' post.

enjoy. as mentioned earlier, it's long. you've been warned.

All in All
by M

All in all, it is without a doubt that nice guys DO finish last. Why? Because they allow it to be. And yes, girls do love drama, but then again, who doesn’t? Maybe its just me, but aren’t guys easy to fall in and out of love as much as women? What about falling into infatuation in the matter of seconds? For sure, it occurs in both sexes, one cannot generalize at this point since everyone is different.

Why do “assholes” get the girls? Because they know what they want. They seemingly have the type of control and self confident to achieve in life. They strive to be better selfishly for themselves, thinking of nobody but themselves; Wouldn’t that be true to say? Naturally, ANYBODY would gravitate towards people of such energy, not being afraid to act nor speak when spoken to, and be who they are. Going back to our revolutionary roots (this is just merely my opinion, as I do believe many observations from the battle of the two sexes can be drawn from our ancestors), I wouldn’t doubt for a second that the leaders of the herds were strong, charismatic, commanding, self-serving assholes. How else are you going to protect everyone else and decide on the fate of a group? And don’t give me that whole selfless altruism argument. That’s just plain old. Not to mention a poor excuse.

A nice guy simply doesn’t know how to pimp. Who the hell listen to somebody else these days? Only ones who’s trying to get into another’s pants. Frankly, I hate to believe that a lot of women, who are conditioned to surround herself with a bunch of “nice guys” to serve her emotional purpose, are doing so simply due to her masterful manipulative nature (but on occasions it is the cause). I’m sure these guys are just mere prey and victims to these girls who just chew and chew out their hearts and leave them to rot.

Of course not.

“Nice guys” simply don’t know what they’re doing. Perhaps it is due to lack of experience or merely not having the nerves, these nice fine gentlemen seem to think that the best way to get a lady is to treat her nicely and cater to her every need. In theory, this is very sound. However, things are always good in moderation. Ever heard of a girl who like a macho man with a “sensitive side”?? Its quite a paradox on the surface but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. She merely wants a guy who has the traits of “assholes” in our context, and be a nice sensitive puppy between the sheets. I don’t know about you folks, but as a man, I like a nice, gentle, spirited soul on the outside, but of course a dark sensual naughty girl in the sack. Its just more fun that way. What can I say, I love drama too.

But the bottom line is, the key is attraction. Without it, the whole glass pyramid crumbles. For guys, its easy. Its mostly physical, the body or the face. And yes, personality matters, sometimes A LOT; But none of this matter if the girl isn’t hot anyways. You can deny or argue all you want, but since I must make generalizations, you can’t tell me that isn’t the case 99% of the time. Chances are, if a girl is hot, she’ll get the benefit of the doubt. For girls, depending on the girl, it has a number of factors that range from physical, to mental (personality, smarts, charm, etc.), and of course, asset based. Whole physical attraction matters still, it is not as a severe acid test as for the men. Ahh, I am rambling.

Going back to it, the bottomline indeed, is attraction. Mystery is part of it, but not the whole pie, of course. How many girls honestly give two thoughts about that dude mystersiously sitting in the corner when she isn’t at all attracted to him? She probably think he’s some perv / jerk / rapist / nice guy anyways. Nice guys can win, of course, you can’t really generalize anything. You can always have a girl who care a lot for physical appearance and go out with a real nice HANDSOME guy. Or a girl who really digs a real nice RICH guy. Or a girl who really like a nice FUNNY guy. But how many girls will like a real nice UNATTRACTIVE guy?? Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One man’s hoe is another man’s jewel.

I do have a question that is lingering in my mind as I am writing and I am sure you guys have thought about it too. If nice guys know that the assholes are getting all the girls and they’re mere sock puppets, why aren’t they doing anything about it? Don’t they understand that their whole “nice guy technique” isn’t giving them any luck getting ass? Isn’t it much easier not to hear a girl whine for hours and just be a jerk anyways? Are the girls really to blame for all this?

Girls can be silly and superficial, but what are we doing that’s any better??


M has so much love from me <3 lol

basically, i agree in a lot of what ppl have to say, everyone has their points... but for the ppl that disagree with me dont just blame it all on the girl. it's not all our fault. ok, i admit it's not all the guys' fault either. but sometimes, in life, it just goes both ways... i really dunno if that made sense what so ever, but i'm leaving it as is LOL

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