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nice guys finish last: part 2

remember a few entries back i showed an article about a guy complaining how girls always pick the assholes and i wrote a reply? well someone anonymously wrote a reply to my reply... which was pretty interesting indeed. if you wanna read it, it's all here. (btw, who is this anonymous person? show yourself! lol)

so i asked M to take a look because i wanted to know what M had to say about it... simply because he thinks differently than i do... and i always like to hear what M has to say. apparently he wrote so much that LJ wouldnt let him post a reply... so i have to post it on my lj. what can i say? the usual: just for da groove. well, here is M's reply to the anonymous' post.

enjoy. as mentioned earlier, it's long. you've been warned.

all in allCollapse )

M has so much love from me <3 lol

basically, i agree in a lot of what ppl have to say, everyone has their points... but for the ppl that disagree with me dont just blame it all on the girl. it's not all our fault. ok, i admit it's not all the guys' fault either. but sometimes, in life, it just goes both ways... i really dunno if that made sense what so ever, but i'm leaving it as is LOL

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