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i'm spoiled hehe

ppl would come into the store i work at a lot and say, "oh wow! you guys have the coolest thing! i could stay here forever!" and i would think, "eh," and strug. yeah, it was cool the first time i see it. but after seeing it, meeting it, getting aquaintence, dipping in it and swimming in it... it's nothing special to me. lol

just yesterday, someone was buying a digital camera of $500 something. total came up to around $660. this guy happened to be with a bunch of friends and he paid all cash, in $20s. so what i did was recount and fanned it in front of him so he can recount it with me mentally. and his friends were saying, "oh wow, check out all that cash!" and i'm laughed. i literally laughed. (and stop myself short) because a few hours ago, i counted ten times as much as that. $6000 in cash. in $100s tho, thank god. lol so a puny amount of $600 is nothing! bwhahah shoot, the $6000 in cash didnt amuse me either. it's not like it's my first time... so you swear i would think much of $600...

when will i ever be "wowwed" by seeing a lot of cash?!?!?! or some high end technology? i've been spoiled! and it's so bad because i get amuzed so easily too! =(


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