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yesterday was fun. i hope everyone else that went had fun too. thank you for coming =) thank you for the presents. i have to apologize for my choice of restaurant hahah i didnt know they feed anorexic ppl haha i'm happy that we all went clubbing tho. well most of us =P i had fun there. got to dance with everyone =) i tried to teach albert to dance hahah that was fun. bumped into a few ppl i knew, that was cool. found out that my husband is no longer an alcoholic, altho he claims otherwise ;) had a good chicken soup right after it. that's funny because i had a really good chicken soup for lunch too! oh yeah! i didnt get my group picture tho =(

today after work i went to watch yet another kst show. i'm glad i managed to make it in time (didnt miss anything) and also that i went. because i was contemplating whether or not to go since i was so tired from last night. thanks to eric for giving me a ride there that actually motivated me to go hehe. the show was awesome, of course. the kst chicken came out! hahah that was great!! get to dance with the chicken lol get to meet a few new ppl ;P which is also cool. and got kissed by a fine girl. twice LOL on the lips, may i add! (no, no tongue action) lol sorry jos, we might've humped, but i never kissed you hahaha ;P also witnessed blake getting kissed on the lips too. OoOoOoh, poor joy, she wasnt too keen on that hahah good thing stephanie wasnt there haha dunno what she'll end up doing LOL maybe join in?! lol

and matty gave me a peck on the cheek when we said our goodbyes :D <3
i dont care if you have a pretty gf. ;P or if you did that to joy also. i still want you LOL
man i'm just getting kissed left and right LOL
who else wants to join in on the action?! haha

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