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ebay shopping spree

i'm on an ebay shopping spree. hhhhheeellllpppp meeeee~! take me away from this~ lol i'm buying so much. well they are mainly dvds. this one i thought was funny. i searched for "my sassy girl" dvd. starting bid is one cent and no one bid on it yet... it's ending in 15 mins... hmm... i bid one cent hahahahah then i felt bad. ok, shipping is like 7.99... i'll bid 2 dollars. one min left... still one cent hahah i won it for one cent... well technically 8 dollars with shipping. but i thought that was funny.

now i'm pressing "buy it now" like a mad man! omg. and the worse part? i just sold my m5 ticket on ebay... so now i know how to sell things on ebay. so i'm telling myself, "well if i dont want it, i can just sell it on ebay" LOL it's never ending!!

like i went to tiffany's the other day with john and picked out a ring i really liked. i tried it on and everything, i was gonna get it if john wasnt there. now i saw it on ebay. starting at 19.99. (!!!) yes it's a size bigger than what i wanted it... but it's fricking 20 dollars! retail for 135! even if it's used, it's still pretty cheap hahah so i bid on it... too bad there's no "buy it now"... but i was thinking, last time eric got me a ring there... it was too big and we did an exchange... i wonder if i can jsut go in with this ring.. if the condition is good... and tell them i got it as a gift and can i do an exchange for my size? hahaha because i did an exchange with the tiff necklace eric gave me without a receipt when it broke on me but i cant remember if i had one for the ring...

but anyway, basically this is my theory: try it on for size, it is afterall just one size bigger, if no good and in good condition (which she said so), try to exchange at tiff, ... and if that doesnt work... sell it on ebay LOL you see what i mean??!?!?!

well... let's see if i win this first hahaha.

edited: i do NOT know why but the seller canceled the auction! maybe because it's not as much as she expected it to be =*(
edited #2: i found out that she canceled it because she put down the wrong size... and a seven is just too big for me. la sigh.

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