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bonus points

your personality shapes your looks/attractiveness. if a girl is very pretty, but she's a bitch to you, she isnt too pretty anymore. for example, the first time i saw adam perform, wow he was good looking and attractive. but then you meet him... and he's not all that... and he just isnt that attractive anymore. it goes the same the other way. if you have a decent looking friend who has a wonderful personality, easy to be around, etc... slowly he/she would look better than you first met them. and this not so attractive person (if it's just based on looks) becomes beautiful to you. sometimes ppl do not noticed this, but this happens to everyone. no exceptions. it's automatic. it's like human nature. they are sorta like bonus points.

here are some of my bonus points:

i like to watch guys read or/and study. if i catch a decent looking guy reading a book, they automatically receive bonus points for me; they look a little better. i try not to stare, but when i see a guy reading, something about that look attracts me, and i'm tempted to look at them every once in a while.

when a guy sings out loud along to the music that's playing in his car while they're driving... with passengers in their car... it always makes me smile. it tells me that the guy is comfortable with himself enough to sing out loud in front of ppl without a kareoke box. and that's attractive. but he gotta be the driver tho. he receives bonus looking points for me when the driver sings out loud. it's not the same if he's the passenger... for some weird reason

not afraid of unknown
i like a guy who arent afraid of changes and are willing to try new things at least once. i'm not sure why but it sorta annoys me when someone just wont try something they are unfamiliar with. it's a turn off. i mean, if you dont try it out, how can you get familiar with it?! doesnt really make sense to me

i dunno... sometimes it's the little things that really count.


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