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the devil

today as i walked into my work place, i noticed everyone standing outside the store... staring at whatever that's happening inside. apparently a new product came in and some ppl were doing a photo shot in our store. i guess they were afraid one might not function properly so they brought about two more. so while one was having photo shots, my coworker, i'll call her A, was holding one... and my manager: the devil, i would like to call her, is holding the other.

both A and the devil are very psyched about this new product. they both love it. and they both took pics of it. A with her phone camera and the devil with her u20. funny how they have so much in common when they both hate each other. a few hours later, the person in charged of the photo shot was telling the devil how A wasnt suppoed to take pics of the new product because it hasnt been released yet and blah blah blah and the devil was like "oh i didnt know you werent supposed to take it" and of course didnt mention how she took one, which i could really care less but then she had to mention to another coworker, "oh man, if A puts it on her site and upper management find out, she's gonna get fired!... ohhh let's check her site to see if she put it up to get her fired! (laughs)" a coworker joked how he could go check to see if A did. and the devil seemed very excited about the idea and said, "yeah! you go do it! go do it! i dont want to do it and be the one to get her fired. she has a kid, you know"

hmm i didnt know the devil could have a guilty conscience


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