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have you seen amelié? if you havent, you should. i know it's old but i havent seen it until recently. now i have the dvd. it's really good. different. well anyways... i'm gonna do a little spoiler here... i just love how the couple ended up in the end of the movie. it's so sweet. it makes me wanna find a guy i really like and go, "let's get in bed and hug" maybe minus the whole naked part tho hahah

ok what is under the cut is a pretty big file. and it looks like some kind of porn, but it's not. it's from amelié! swear to god! and no, amelié is no porn. wait for it to load... it goes kinda slow when it's loading... but when it's done loading, it'll go fast.

and this is for the ppl that wanna see but cant afford the bandwidth killer...

i just like how she kinda stroke his hair while he sleeps.
it's peaceful. and he gives her a little hug. =)
she has this face of content. i want something like that lol

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