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lost and... not found

dont you hate it when you're looking for something and you cant find it? argh. like my dress for example. well anyways i was watching the resident evil two trailer... and i thought, "hmmm i should watch one again" just because i hardly remember it and i wanna refresh my memory before i go watch part two... since after all, i did love watching my brother play "bio hazard" (aka "resident evil" in america.) he actually got the game when we were still in hk... and part two does look more interesting and entertaining to watch. not to mention i'm a movie junkie. but yeah, you guessed it, i cant find it hahah again. i wonder where it went...

and then my brother took one of my magic erasers... which is ok since i bought two packs (buy one get one free) and each pack have three... so i have six. but uh, i cant find the others either hahahah dunno where i put it. i gave one to my brother and one to my sister... i should have four left. this is what happens when you pick things up. argh. if it was lying in the middle of the ground, i would've found it by now! =(

but anyways... like many others, i have also become a victim of the cold. i mean who wouldnt? with the sun and all... lol esp. when i work all the time... where it's air conditioned... REALLY COLD... when it's hot. so you walk to work, hot. you walk into work, cold. you walk out to go eat lunch, hot. come back for work, cold. who wouldnt get sick? lol or maybe it was mjing with a sick person =P either way, i'm sick. oh wells. lol.

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