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i am not a liar... most of the time

so the other day i was wearing panty hose under my pants. (okay, WHY i was doing that is a very long story that i rather not publicize on the internet so go with me here). it was a super hot day and i was kicking myself for being so stupid when jen suggested that i should go buy socks so i can change out of my panty hose. BRILLIANT! except we were at a fair and the shops near by didn't seem to have socks. however! i passed by a kid's shoe store and thought maybe they would have adult socks. who knows?! but alas, they didn't. so i picked up plain white socks that is the biggest size available.

i went up to the sales rep and asked her how stretchy those socks were. the conversation went a little something like this:

her: what shoe size does he wear?
me: ... i don't know...
her: how old is he?
me: ....... uh.......... 10.
her: well these will fit him for sure. in fact, they prob fit me!
me: what shoe size are you?
her: 7
me: okay, perfect (i'm a size 7.5)
as i was buying my socks
jen: oh you got some socks!
me: yes. for my nephew who is 10...
jen: * confused *

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check your facts

oh. my. god. last week or so i rearranged my room so i had a lot of clothes, bags, toys, misc things that i realize i dont need. my mom asked me to donate it to goodwill. so last week, i did that. i went to the goodwill in jtown and rang the intercom on the backdoor, that's where you donate the clothes. i told the lady over the intercom that i have things to donate. she came out and asked me what i was donating. i told her some clothes, bags and misc things. she told me that they "dont need those things". i found that surprising but whatever... i asked her if she could discard them for me. she asked me to put it next to the door and she'll do it.

yesterday i had lunch plans with a few friends in jtown. it was very close to goodwill. i parked across the street from goodwill and noticed there is another goodwill in front of where i parked. i remember thinking "oh, they opened another one here?" then i looked over to where i thought goodwill is... only to realized that the restaurant i'm meeting my friends at is where goodwill used to be. basically i tried to donate clothes, bags and misc things to a restaurant! the front door was out of the way for me from where i was coming from so i didnt catch it at all!!

i was SO embarrassed! then to make matters worse, the host that seated us was the lady i spoke to! D:
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building compassion

note to self: whenever i find someone kind of awkward or weird, i need to remember that i am also a little awkward and weird. and that everyone just wants to be accepted for who they are.
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power of the senses

i'm sure you know that our five senses are really powerful. if you don't have one, the other four enhance to make up for it. and any scent, song or taste can bring you back to a memory that you've forgotten...

i'm the kind of person that when i like something, i like it a lot and i want it all the time. such as if i'm into an artist, i would listen to their album(s) everyday. if i like a specific food, i would wanna eat it everyday. i crave it. this goes on for a bit and then when i finally got enough of it, i still like it but now i no longer crave it and i move on...

bc of that, those certain songs/albums or foods remind me of certain periods of my life. they date them. it's so interesting... bc when i was dating the worse guy i've ever dated in my life, i was really into rachael yamagata. i love her. she's so good. but now whenever her songs get played by random, i get taken back to that period of time in my life when i dated that asshole. it sucks, you know, bc i love her. but i hated him. and so now it's a love and hate relationship whenever her songs play.

so now i just skip them. i'm SO sorry rachael yamagata!!!


Steve inspired me to start a picture diary for the year 2011. A picture or two (or more) a day on one thing I did that day. Then a little caption for it. He did that and published it. Yes in a book. Each photo had little captions. It inspired me to do the same but on lower budgets. haha A much lower budget(as in free) lol So I have picked tumblr for this project. I choose tumblr bc not only bc it's free but bc I can also password protect the blog, since I will post pics of my friends. So msg me for the link and password.

I installed an app on my phone so I can blog on the go. Not to mention, I can switch my memory card from my phone to my camera and vice versa. So I can use my digi cam quality and then blog on my phone ANYWHERE ANYTIME! Convenient right? Hopefully bc it's so convenient, I would make finishing this project easier.

We will see how this will pan out.

2011, here we go!

P.S. if you're wondering, i used my sister's camera, which is the same model, to take the pic of my camera. i should've took a pic of hers instead LOL mine is so beat up
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jesse daydream

A Story About Being Positive - Great Read!

x-posted on fb

John is the kind of guy you love to hate. He is always in a good mood and always has something positive to say. When someone would ask him how he was doing, he would reply, 'If I were any better, I would be twins!'

He was a natural motivator.

If an employee was having a bad day, John was there telling the employee how to look on the positive side of the situation.

Seeing this style really made me curious, so one day I went up and asked him, 'I don't get it!'

'You can't be a positive person all of the time. How do you do it?'

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lack of tolerance

the other day someone said how it's rare that my sister and i get along so well (we are 8 yrs apart). i made the usual comment about how i'm a big kid at heart and she's an old soul, so we meet in the middle. but for the first time, i also added that she has a good temper, she never gets mad at me and therefore it makes it easier too, as we never fight.

saying that reminded me that i used to be like that. i used to have so much patience and nothing and no one would or could ever irritate me or upset me... and if it/they did, it wouldnt last long. i had the tolerance. but now that i'm older, i noticed that i dont have the tolerance anymore nor do i have the patience for it.

i wonder if the older you get that you do become jaded or if it's just me and that i have changed for the worse? i blame it on the fact that i encounter a lot of nasty/stupid/mean/etc ppl and i've seen what the human kind can do to each other. and maybe, i just dont want to waste my time with it anymore. i realized that i dont have to deal with everyone that comes my way.

i used to be nice to everyone, always tried to accommodate everyone and even if they were nasty to me, i tried my best to be a good friend to them. now i realized that i dont have to do that, and if they are nasty to me, i give them back the same treatment. i realized that i dont have to deal with everyone. i could walk away. i dont need someone like that in my life. it is just not worth it. they are not worth it.

i wonder in a few years, will my sister be the same?
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paypal difficulties

i lost my camera. i went looking around for it but i'm convinced that it's gone.

so a few days ago i decided to buy a used one on ebay. same model. i saw a buy it now one that is a good price and in mint condition. so i bought it via paypal. what's cool is that the seller lives in sj and he offered an option where i can pick it up to save on shipping ($16). so that's what i did. after i paid him, i emailed him when he's available to pick up. i also mentioned how my bf lives in the area so he could pick it up for me too. but the seller told me that he would only allow the person who bought it to pick it up. that's fine, he's being safe, cool. but the unfortunate thing is that when i signed up for paypal, i was young and stupid. i actually didnt know what paypal is really used for at the time and so i signed up with a nickname, elle, instead of my real name.

it is actually quite a hassle to change my name and it was never a problem for me in terms of paying so i never bothered changing it. i told the seller that the name on the account is elle instead of eliza (same last name) and asked if that would be a problem. in the next email he tells me he refunded me and told me to change my name on paypal and then pay him again.

wtf? it takes 2-3 days for paypal to GET BACK to me about changing my name (still havent heard from them). not to mention i am emailing him on the email address associated with my paypal account! what more verification does he need? elle is not that much off from eliza! whatever, what's done is done. again he's just being safe. but WHATEVS! what really piss me off is that if i didnt ask to pick it up he would've just sent it to me to the address i have on file, which is unconfirmed under the name elle WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

so i changed my name and i told him to hold the camera until then. at the same time my bf got a good idea to just have him pay the seller with HIS paypal account and so he can pick it up. seller agrees to it. but get this right, during the process of trying to figure out when they are both free to meet up, the seller decided to just ship it instead to save the trouble and time. he'll ship it for half the price ($8). so i paid him with my paypal account (still under the name elle) and he just ship it to me this morning.

all that for nothing. sigh.

p.s. and to add, into the phrase "all that for nothing" i found my camera in the laundry basket LOL
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cath + sara uh?

getting friends drunk is stupid

i never understand why some ppl think it's "having a good time" getting a friend super drunk. (and as a disclaimer, i have no problems with ppl drinking, it's ppl trying to get friends piss drunk). i dunno about you but when i over drink (usually accidentally bc i didnt know my limits), i feel like shit. throwing up is usually involved. if you've done it, you know that it's no fun. never blacked out but have known ppl to black out when they were super drunk. and who ends up taking care of them? their friends.

so i never understand why ppl try to get the bday person drunk to that extend. dont mean to sound like a prune but this is the truth, it's no good for your body. you say it's "fun" but honestly it's prob fun for you to see them drunk but not fun for them when they black out and is puking on the streets. and it's definitely no fun for the friends who take care of them. and just so you know, when you're out, it's dead weight and it's 10x harder to carry you.

but the point of the entry is HOW did this come about anyway? i remember back in my early 20s, whenever it's someone's bday and they're going clubbing, automatically there's always a handful of ppl who AIM to get the bday person drunk. I DO NOT KNOW WHY they do it and I DUNNO HOW it got started. i just think it's stupid. there are other ways to have fun! and if all you know how to have fun is to get drunk, then you need to get a life. okay, i admit altho i dont agree with it that it is somewhat acceptable to be this way in your early 20s, but when you're this way in your late 20s, REACHING 30, it's pathetic.

that's all i have to say.
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i'm mixed about mandatory tipping. i understand how a large party is a lot of work and that some ppl just dont tip or dont tip that much. but what i am mixed about is that after they forced the mandatory tip on me and my group of friends, i felt like i dont need to tip anymore... even if the server deserved more than what the mandatory tip was (usually they range from 15-18%). for dinner, i like to tip 20%. so you know, that server is missing out.

for example, the other day we were at cashe creek for dinner. well okay, not really. more like we were coming back from camping and cashe creek was sort of on the way hahah ANYWAY, we went to their buffet and bc we had a group of 9, they said that they have to charge us 12% for gratuity. i mean, dude, 12% is little. and our server was great. but i didnt even think twice to tip her more~! luckily i have a bf who are more aware of these things and he mentioned how he wanted to tip more. and so he did ♥

just a pointless entry.
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